Friday, 5 July 2013

Up-cycling bag.

Ok first things first, in my last post I wrote "wondered about" instead of "wandered about".
The kind of mistake I would give off about if I read it.
So this is my second post today.
As planned I up-cycled a pair of trousers and an unloved shirt.

I followed the Reversible Tote class which is a free on Craftsy at the moment.

Just search "Reversible Tote" and it will come up.
So simple.

The pocket here is the breast pocket off the shirt.

The inside/ reversible side.

The fabrics are soft and give the bag a lovely slouchy feel.
It is lined with a colourshott fabric from Oakshott.

It has already been to Tesco and the allotment with me.

Starring the mug bag. thank you mum xx

Last week I went to london for a few days, and wondered about whilst my hubbie was working. 
We walked from Victoria Station to our hotel at Charing Cross which just happened to bring us past HRH's place.

Turquoise mosaic mask Mixtec-Aztec AD 1400-1521

The British Museum is amazing and free!
I also went to the National Portrait Gallery to see the annual BP Portrait Award.

Then because I felt I had covered the cultural bit fairly well I spent the rest of the time shopping.
Liberty fabric and haberdashery department, yummy, but too expensive.
I did buy some fabric on sale at half price in John Lewis though.

This week it was my birthday and I got some lovely pressies.

Look at this beautiful mug bag my mum made me, to transport my mug to Patchwork Guild meetings and sewing classes in style.

The sewing machine design on the front is hand stitched.
The scissor pattern above it is from her fancy sewing machine.

I just loved it as soon as I saw it.

There is even a lid to keep my new birdie mug which was in the bag warm and cosy.
She went to a lot of effort. xxx

I made another zipper pouch from my Craftsy free class.

Today I am going to up-cycle an old shirt and pair of trousers that were destined for the charity shop.

I will post again later to let you know how I get on.