Friday, 26 October 2012

Birds and blackberries

Very nearly finished my madly bright and colourful Drunkards Path quilt. I just have to hand sew the binding to the back and do a bit more free machining in some of the squares.
I can't wait to finish it.

Tomorrow should see it off.

The colours are so bright and saturated, unlike the colours outside at the moment.
I think autumn is the most inspiring season of the year. Crisp days, strong sunlight and the colours of the trees and hedgerows.

Today I walked my dogs up the lane in front of our house.

The two forms on the lane are a cat and a pheasant.
Thankfully the cat didn't stick around, although the pheasant made a quick escape too when it saw me approaching.

So I got in the mood for a bit of bird spotting. 

and blackberry eating.

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