Tuesday, 10 September 2013

a walk down the lane to the beach .

Lucky Leanne.

I met myself coming home.

I love my new iphone.


  1. Lovely photo's, Lovely place to be....xx

  2. Thank you Linda, I really enjoyed playing with the iPhone. It was a slow walk because I took over 80 pictures! Xxx

  3. This time last year I didn't need, want or could justify an i phone, a £15 jobbie from Tesco was the way I wanted to go. An i phone was insisted upon, and now I couldn't be without it. I have photos of georgian doors in Dublin, headstones from graveyards all over the place and more flat whites than Starbucks. Yesterday I was down at Hazelbank taking photos of Belfast Lough, a little further along from your photos! There was the best combination of blue skies/angry skies and silver water. Oh, and by the way, good luck for the exhibition tomorrow! x