Saturday, 20 September 2014

Mission Cushion.

I was on Mission Cushion this week.
Meaning I made two cushions for two lovely little girls on the ward.
This involved zip insertion. Something I have avoided in the past.
But alas, no more will the zip frighten me!

My daughter Beth photographed Sandra's cushion so she could show her granny. Bless.
Hence the well staged ... on the radiator complete with towel and tee shirt.. shot.
But luckily she did, because I forgot to photograph it before I gave it to little Sandra.

Back of Sandra's cushion.

So Tammy then saw Sandra's cushion and said I was very clever and wow did I actually make it.
AKA a lot of praise.
So I made her one.

This is proper staging Beth.

I used up lots of lovely fabrics in these two cushions.
I am planning a bag or two in the next few weeks and then maybe a winter patchwork project.
A bed quilt for Beth.
The bird quilt is hanging on the wall of the sewing room.

A few days ago I went blackberry picking in the fields above our house.

Simple Pleasures.



  1. Amazing cushions...I'm well impressed with your zip insertions!
    Are you going to make jam?

  2. Hi Ali , I made apple and blackberry pies but might have a go at jam this week. How hard could it be.

  3. great cushions good luck with the jam
    I made grape jelly a few weeks ago but it set too hard and went in the bin!