Saturday 30 March 2013

Panic sewing

I am getting on very well with the quilt I'm making for my friend Jayne. 

I have a bit of quilting done already. I decided to stipple, or meander (is there a difference?). 
I like the effect stipple has on a quilt, especially after a wash. It gives the quilt a lovely tactile, aged feel.

There will definitely be a bit of panic sewing before next Friday as work, a wedding today, and Easter Sunday visiting tomorrow mean that I only have two days next week to sew. Two days of sewing. Bliss.


Monday 11 March 2013

9 out of 20. Not bad.

Just a few images of my flora piece which is gathering momentum.
All these pieces will finish off approximately 8 inches by 5 inches.

I need 20 altogether and at the mo I have 9.
When the 20 pieces are put together then the hand and machine stitching will be added.
There will also be paint and pencil lines added too.


Saturday 2 March 2013

Dorothy Russell at NIPG

I am just sharing a few images with you of the NIPG meeting this morning, where Dorothy Russell gave a talk and showed us some of her wonderful work.
For more info and better photos visit her website

wholecloth quilt

This piece, inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy, is a work in progress.
It is stunning.

The piece started as a black wholecloth with printing, painting, masking, machine stitching, hand stitching.
Oh it is yummy.

Am so inspired I shouldn't be sitting here typing, I should be upstairs sewing.
I'll go now.

(Andy Goldsworthy: pop his name into google.... lots of images there.)