Friday 28 February 2014

Depressed Dog.

OK so I am going skiing tomorrow with my hub and leaving my two beautiful teenagers behind. 
NOT home alone as they wanted though.
There is a list sitting on the kitchen table with all the things I have to do today.. and it reads something like...
clean bathrooms,
clean out chickens
wash sheets
wash dog beds
and its lunchtime already and I have to take the dog to the vet

because he has a sore paw and has a bucket on his head. 
He's a sad boy.

So I really shouldn't be on here blabbing.
But I wanted to log the progress with the birds.
I am doing a little when I get the chance.

This is the sample piece in which I was experimenting with the branches.
I tried a few with twiggy branches which I really like.
I also like the amount of branches in this sample. The horizontal lines give it a kind of rhythm.

 So far only one branch is in along the width of the piece. 
This was done using freezer paper cut as a stencil and then ink pen criss crossed over the paper.
I think there will be a fair few branches and that they will be in contrasting tones, light to dark.

The lighting is horrific on these, the cotton is bright white and not blue white.
I will have to start using my camera again and not the iphone.

Last night at Merville, Martha gave me a summer dress which someone had given her for the fabric.
She thought I might like it....

Not so good with the boots. But a lovely dress which I am going to take up over the knee.
AND it's LIBERTY Tana Lawn...

I am chuffed with it. Roll on those lazy hazy crazy days of summer.

This is what Martha is making at the moment

This is quite a large quilt with lots of applique and stitching, with crystals applied on top. It is fantastic. And it is a gift for some lucky people. 

Aah heck can't be annoyed with the epic list in the kitchen.
But then no more house work or work for a whole week.

Monday 17 February 2014


I have made only a tiny little bit of progress with my birds.
Sorry this image is so dark, but the weather is sooo dark and grey and wet and wet some more.
My garden is a quagmire.
QUAGMIRE, what a word.
The chickens are going to disappear into this quagmire if the rain doesn't go away.

This is about 50 something inches by about 40 inches.
I havent straightened the edges yet. my idea at the moment is to work on it the way I used to paint.... looking, adding lines, adding colour, looking adding etc and going with it rather than planning it all out. It's more intuitive that way.
I do have an image in my head of how it will finish up. and I have an idea of the texture of it and the stitches.

This is a sample I was fiddling with today, trying to see what branches look like.  And what way to draw them, or paint them, or sew them maybe?
I like the repetition of the birds printed on the white cotton.
And I have an idea of trees at dusk with darkish branches and the light behind.

A little bit of stitching added.
Slow Progress.
But progress.

Thursday 6 February 2014

Quilts everywhere

Last Thursday night at Merville quilt group........

Ella's quilt....




Brenda's (mum's)...

Quilts everywhere you look

......and plenty of chocolates too

now which one to have...