Friday, 28 September 2012

Going nowhere fast!

After a lot of weather like this recently...

The sun came out today and my hens got to sunbathe with their new pal collared dove.

I have been fiddling in my sketchbook trying to move on with my girl quilt. I need a design, a repeat design, like tiles or wallpaper to go behind her in the quilt. I liked this shape, below, so I have been working on it in various ways.   

Above, I made a cardboard stencil, which can be used in the traditional way, sponging paint through it, or as I have done.... taking a rubbing from it. I placed it beneath the sketchbook page and rubbed over it with a few different coloured crayons. I applied heavier pressure in some areas. I then washed a bit of water colour paint over part of it. Paper shapes have been added to it and two of the shapes have been completely cut out to reveal the page below.

I was trying to make the page as visually interesting as possible. But it's not what I want for the quilt.
More pages...

Above, paper from magazines, a map, a paper bag and an old school maths book. Shapes cut out and glued down.

Above, brown paper stencil placed over a map. I love the text in the images above and would like to use this  idea in a future quilt.  But its still not right for this quilt.

 While I was writing this blog the computer went funny, temporarily crashed or something. Hopefully nothing to do with my inept computer skills. Anyway, while I was waiting for it to sort itself out I came up with a design that I really love.

The design is inspired by a tile I saw on pinterest.
If you find me in pinterest you will see the tile under my inspiration board.  
I drew the initial design freehand then traced and flipped it to create the pattern above.
So I am a bit happier now. I have something to work on and explore. But I am getting the urge to do some patchwork in the next few days. My daughter wants a quilt for her bed and I bought an Amy Butler jelly roll at The Festival of Quilts which I can't wait to use.



  1. i love the way your ideas evolve........wish my mind worked in this way. looking forward to see how you make your daughters quilt

  2. Thanks Ali. I am going to start her quilt in next few. Hope your shawl is progressing.

  3. I love seeing how your idea jumps from one stage to another. It really shows others that ideas come through exploration. So many people think inspiration comes out of the blue! I'm really enjoying reading your blog and will tell others to check it out!