Monday, 10 September 2012

Three things at once

I took the dogs to the beach yesterday. The tide was far out and there were lots of  noisy but tuneful sea birds at the waters edge.  They leave lovely marks on the wet sand.

So some time in the future I am going to do a series of bird quilts/ hangings.  is worth a look. So I have that in my head. My problem is,  I want to do a bit of this and a bit of that. I am aware that it is better to work in a series, develop a style, and not jump from one subject to the next. That's
the theory. So I have been working on Girl Quilt No. 2. 

this is18in by 26in approx

 The idea came from an image in Vogue magazine which I glued into my sketchbook and added tissue paper,  
 and embellished a bit to try and get a sense of a possible design. 
 I then drew the girl to the scale I want her on the quilt  - pencil on cartridge paper.   
This drawing was then placed under the white cotton and the general outline traced onto the fabric. Then using the original image as a guide I began the painting. I have used So Soft, Tulip and Cameo fabric paints. 

This is the colour scheme for the quilt. I have an idea of the design in my head. I can see it. I just need to draw it out to scale and decide what techniques to use. It will be similar in style and technique to Julia. She started in my sketchbook as this  --

  Oh yes, and the third thing in my head is a lunch bag I have to make for a friend in work. But that's for another day..

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