Thursday, 15 November 2012

Need stuffing

yesterday I finished my little postcard.
Very simple machine embroidery/quilting over the evalon. And I backed it with some gorgeous handmade (not by me) paper.

I spent this afternoon making a teddybear of sorts.

..inspired by a bunny that I have had since I was a baby. So not a very old bunny.
Anyway, it wasn't as straight forward as I thought. I  took some photos as I went along with the thought of doing a tutorial. Won't be posting that one!

I have to buy some stuffing.
That will definitely improve the poor fellow.

He's about 30 cm tall.
Absolutely a one off.


  1. love the postcard, what is evalon?
    the bunny is great his expression!, ali

  2. Evalon is a synthetic fabric, very soft and feels almost suede like. It doesn't fray, and takes transfer paints and other fabric paints really well. Crafts woman have it on a roll if you fancy using it.

  3. ooooh sounds interesting...........must buy some next time Im down