Monday, 5 November 2012


This morning I was shaken out of my Monday morning relaxed holiday mood (am off work for two weeks), by a sparrowhawk on the attack.
Earlier while I was watching the birds feeding they all got spooked and flew away, so I had it in my head that there may have been a large bird about.
But it was about half an hour later that the sparrowhawk swooped and pinned down the unfortunate pigeon.

Isn't it an absolutely beautiful bird. I have seen sparrowhawks a few times in the garden, and I know circle of life and all that, but I felt for the pigeon and opened the back door.  The sparrowhawk allowed me to take a few more photos then flew off leaving a stunned pigeon who himself flew off a couple of minutes later.

I was absolutely thrilled to see this.

Anyway this is a sewing blog I think so I am going to share a few photos of our latest speaker at the Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild.

Ann Fleeton

A few of her quilts layered on a table.

Her work is exceptional. Each piece she makes conveys a message or tells a story, historical, or modern day. I am really inspired by the meaningful way she works/creates and wish I was more like her in my approach. She is an artist using quilts and stitch as her medium. 
I learnt a lot.

To my sewing room I will go to move onwards and upwards with my girl quilt number 2!

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