Saturday, 30 March 2013

Panic sewing

I am getting on very well with the quilt I'm making for my friend Jayne. 

I have a bit of quilting done already. I decided to stipple, or meander (is there a difference?). 
I like the effect stipple has on a quilt, especially after a wash. It gives the quilt a lovely tactile, aged feel.

There will definitely be a bit of panic sewing before next Friday as work, a wedding today, and Easter Sunday visiting tomorrow mean that I only have two days next week to sew. Two days of sewing. Bliss.



  1. beautiful colours in Jaynes quilt. Enjoy your two days sewing - hope there are no interruptions! have a nice Easter, Ali

  2. Hi there, came across your blog recently and have been enjoying it. Felt I had to tell you how lovely this quilt is. Dud you use random fabrics or from a particular range? I used to quilt a lot but drifted off for a few years . Have become quite enthusiastic again but there is a dearth of quilt shops now here in N Ireland! Anyhow, gorgeous quilt

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment. The fabric is from the Amy Butler Soul Blossoms range and I bought a jelly roll then some quarter meters for the larger squares. I get fabric at the quilt showers like Dublin and Birmingham. There is a show in the Kings Hall this month. We rent very well off for fabric shops but if we were I would probably be bankrupt.

  4. Hope you are drifting back to quilting Helen

  5. I have sewn a few lap quilts to get back in the swing again.
    Have now progressed to finishing old WIPs and hope
    to start something fresh soon. I am really enjoying
    sewing again!