Thursday, 4 April 2013

Jayne's Quilt

After a frenzy of stipple quilting that I think gave me motion sickness for a while... the quilt got finished last night.

I washed it at 30 degrees and hung it on the line. Then popped it in the tumble dryer for half an hour.
It came out lovely,  just ready for folding and wrapping.

I used different strips of the Amy Butler jelly roll to bind the quilt. Love a scrappy binding!
The reverse is a pale blue with red spot Cath Kidston print from Ikea.

Ok, you get the picture.
I got a bit carried away taking photos.
Even this rook was fair game.


  1. Utterly gorgeous!!! When are starting to run your classes?? ;0)

  2. Thanks Fiona, Jayne really liked it I think. She's getting married tomorrow. Teaching a class would scare me to death. Are you doing any sewing? I would love to dress make too but wouldn't know where to start. I suppose I should buy a pattern and take it from there. X

  3. beautiful quilt, what a lovely unique gift to give, a

  4. Not as much as I'd like Angela! I have a lovely pattern for a very simple dress for Amelie I need to sort more fabric for. It's good fun and very easy! Kids clothes, especially dresses for girls are a great place to start, most are A-line and straightforward! If you ever do decide to have a class (especially in hand quilting/appliqué) let me know ;0) Am happy to pay in cash or handmade socks if you prefer ;0)!

  5. Fiona I am definitely going to make myself something soon. Maybe a skirt for the summer. My little girl is 17 and into topshop. She wouldn't appreciate a sewn dress. But I would. Hope you had a lovely weekend in Donegal.