Sunday, 16 June 2013

Thinking about making.

It's been about 3 weeks since I posted last.
But I haven't really been doing any sewing.
Blame the sun that came and stayed a surprisingly long time, then went away again. Far away.
Then there's the allotment. I have been there a lot pulling up weeds and planting stuff.
And the flaffing about, cleaning, talking to the chickens, reading (during the day!!),walking the dogs. Doing all the things that fill a day, but when you look back at your day you wonder what you've actually done.

I have read 3 books in the last few weeks.
Recommend Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn.

This is where I am with Beth's quilt. I think I am going to put some white sashing between each block and then applique a circle in the centre of each pinwheel.

I have also been making some circles. These are coming to France on holiday for a bit of hand applique.
Onto what I don't quite know yet.

Maybe something like this on a plain background, with machine quilting in spirals.
A cushion?
Or bag?

I also want to start work on a series of bird inspired pieces. 
Or coastal? Which would also include birds.
Feeling inspired.

My friend Joanne, from Dojo Designs, gave me this beautiful trinket as a thank you for the three bags I made for her daughter and two friends.
I absolutely love it.
The slate is about 3 inches in height.
Made by Tracey Beattie at Crafty Coast.

And look at this piece of wonderfulness.
This little sheep was made and given to me by Jenny.
Jenny is the mum of Evan, a gorgeous baby in work. 
She distracts me all day because she's into sewing and knitting and dress making.

So he stands on my dash board chewing the cud with the tortoise my son bought for me in France.

So even though not much sewing, lots of craft and making, and thinking about making.


  1. Love Beth's quilt colours - it's going to be beautiful. The circles going to France look interesting. Love your work.

  2. Thanks Mary. Hope you have great time at the tennis. I am in London next Tuesday and Wednesday with Charlie.x

  3. Your quilt is looking good.
    I know just how you feel as this time of the year there is so much to do out in the garden that craft work has to be put on hold. Love your post.....xx

  4. I like beths quilt, I think the white sashing is a good always like to sneak a circle or two into your designs. Cant wait till I see what you come up with, with the appliqued circles, Im sure it wont be long until youre heading off, Ali

  5. Love the little circles!! Tiny birdie bodies perhaps! ;0)