Thursday, 23 May 2013

Pretty Pencil

I have just had a photo shoot with my daughter in order to show off my first ever attempt at dress making. I went to a workshop in Belfast on Saturday with the intention of making an A line skirt, but made a pencil skirt instead. 
I spent a long time in the fabric shop trying to decide on a suitable fabric and ended up buying patchwork cotton.
This was a bad choice, because it creases so easily. Doesn't it look crumpled in the photo?
It had been ironed just before I put it on.

I do love the colour though, and think it's a pretty summer skirt.

Look what came in the post yesterday. Ebay is wonderful.

I looked at the pattern when It came and got a bit scared. 
But I will give it a go. 
All by myself with no help.!!

And here is the progress I have made with my Beth quilt. 
Not much, but then there's no rush.

I really love the pinwheel design in the middle created by the four blocks.

.....going to do a bit more now, whilst the wind blows a gale outside.


  1. Hi Angela, Im very impressed with your dressmaking. Beths quilt is lovely too....such petty colours, Alison

  2. Thanks Ali, they're not my usual colours. And the fabric is kind of japanesey if there is such a word.

  3. The skirt is gorgeous!! Colour is beautiful! You should be delighted with your first attempt - people will ask you where you bought it for sure!!! Good woman!!! x