Thursday, 15 August 2013

Far too long a blog.

The Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild are having an exhibition in Belfast City Hall next month. The title is Cultural Heritage.
I am leaving it a bit late, but after a bit of thought and a lot of procrastination, I have decided to enter a piece.
I may not make it in time for the deadline, but I will give it a go.

During our summer holiday we spent a day in the Somme area of France. We visited Thiepval War Memorial.

And Hamel Military Cemetary, where my Great Grandfather William Powers is buried.
He died 1st July 1916, first day of the Battle of The Somme.

We took a few grave rubbings.

Cultural Heritage... Remembering our war dead.

Today I started experimenting with ideas for a textile piece. Probably a small piece as time is against me.

This is a kind of tracing of a grave rubbing onto white cotton which had some acrylic paint applied to it.
Too messy. Don't like this.

I traced onto tissue paper, pinned the paper to cream cotton and stitched around the letters.
Then I painted inside the stitching with textile paint.
I don't like this effect either. Still too messy

The numbers have been traced then outlined in pen and painted with textile paint.
This is ok. But not great.

I tried it on grey fabric, and painting the space around the numbers. I think I like this, it looks more like the stone of the headstones.

I want to use the symbol of the cross in the piece. Here I have used a poster, cut out the cross shape and   scrunched the paper to distress it.

I have this poster, and want to use it in the piece. Cutting cross shapes with the images of the faces perhaps.
So that's as far as I got.

I also went to the allotment this afternoon.

Yes the courgette is huge. 

The first sweet pea, but there are so many flowers just about to bloom.

There are a lot of weeds too. Sunday will be weeding day. I wasn't in weeding mood today so they got a reprieve.

This is far too long a blog. 


  1. Hi Angela, I particularly enjoyed this blog and will be going to City Hall to see the exhibition. My great uncle died in the Battle of Le Cacteau after 3 days in battle so your fabric interpretation of your g uncle's headstone is interesting. When we returned from New Zealand we had to eat broad beans and peas from the garden for 10 days solid! Enjoy yours!

    1. Hi Helen, hopefully I will get the piece finished in time for the exhibition, but if not I know there will still be plenty of interesting pieces in it. You should think about joining the Guild. I really enjoy it. X

  2. the first stages of the quilt looks great....cant wait to see how it develops
    Enjoy your weeding on Sunday - my own garden needs attention but I'm putting it off!! For me gardening is like outside housework.

  3. I have neglected the allotment more than usual this year. But there is still plenty growing. Are you studying next year?

  4. Such a wonderful idea for the quilt! Look forward to seeing it finished x