Monday, 12 August 2013

Festival of Quilts 2013.

I bought some delicious fabric at Festival of Quilts.
Carnaby Street from Art Gallery Fabrics,
Scamper for birch fabrics,
a lovely batik
and Wildflower Wood by Lynette Anderson Designs.

I spent Thursday and Friday of last week in Birmingham at the Festival of Quilts.
Thursday was the spending day and the oohing and aaahing at the fabrics.

Then Friday was inspiration day, looking at the quilts on display. 
Here are a few of many wonderful quilts...

Linda Colsh.
Second Hand.

Bethan Ash

Dorothy Caldwell.
How do we know when it's night?
Winner of Fine Art Quilt Masters 2013.

Eszter Bornemisza's work was beautiful.... some of her work and some details....

 Ineke Berlyn

Lesley Brankin
I really liked the straight line stitching. It's called Horizon II.

Vineta Cable, Light Uncovered.
"This work explores the ever changing nature of beauty and is inspired by Hinton St Mary mosaic, one of the earliest works of art depicting Christ"

Janie Harvey-Douglas.
A Slight Murmur of Starlings.

Unfortunately photography was forbidden in the exhibition space of Willy Doreleijers. She is a dutch textile artist and her work inspired and moved me the most.
go to portfolie to see her beautiful work.
Oh my goodness I want a piece on my wall.

I haven't picked up a pin or turned my sewing machine on for over a month.
So I should be fully charged for some serious sewing then.



  1. Hope you had a good lucky to have been able to go to the Festival of Quilts

    1. Ali, had a great holiday. No sewing though. All those circles remained in a cupboard in the caravan. They're still there! Hope you are well. And rested from all your City and Guild work. X

  2. A lovely haul and it looks like a good time, I have been to the Great Northern Quilt Show in Harrogate twice, but never the Festival of Quilts.
    Love the "slight murmur of starlings"

    1. Had a ball. Am really inspired by all the work. Going to do something sew related today.