Thursday, 5 December 2013

Art Gallery Cushion.

Ok, so I haven't made a cushion fit for a gallery, but I have made one with some Art Gallery Fabrics. (Carnaby Street by Art Gallery Fabrics) 

I have just finished it this morning, complete with binding, which I have never done before...
I did curve the corners but next time I would curve them even more. 

....and a zip centre back.
I googled how to insert piping on a cushion and also how to insert zips.
So now it's soooooo easy when you know how. The house will be coming down with piped and zipped cushions.

But alas it's not a happy ending...........

I need to introduce this ^ 

to this ^



  1. your cushion is just very impressed with the piping and zip.....Clare would be there a dark corner where you can hide that last item!

  2. Clare would say why did you have to google it. Just to refresh my memory. Ironing done all but 5 shirts. Nearly there in my house wifey dutiy for today.

  3. cushion looks great Angela. I made a cushion yesterday too but without a zip or piping.
    I made a 14 in cushion to find the smallest filler locally was 18 in. It is a very over stuffed cushion.
    Ironing is like rust or dust, it never sleeps