Monday, 2 December 2013

Evan's Quilt.

I got my small quilt finished and delivered to little Evan, a very special patient who has been in the ward I work in for over 9 months.

The good news is that he is possibly being discharged home this week. This is obviously absolutely fantastic for him and his family, but we will miss him so much from the ward. He is such character, and full of personality with lots of smiles, and frowns, and staring matches, and trying to talk going on all day long. Our wee sweetheart.

I kept adding a few borders around the original layout which brought it up to quite a decent sized cot quilt.
It was washed and tumbled before I gave it to Evan's mum Jenny.
I think she liked it. She's into patchwork, and crafts, and knits a lot. She is responsible for my lovely sheep that I have in the car....

I have had such a busy week, with absolutely no sewing done at all. My daughter Beth turned 18 on Thursday, so we had a big party for her in the house on Friday night.
I have only just recovered this morning I think. Last week was spent organising things and worrying about it, and the weekend was spent tidying and cleaning, and sleeping it off. 
There was also an epic visit to the bottle bank with all the empties.

So party weekend over, it's time to start Christmas shopping.
When will I ever sew again?
Well I might try an hour later on..



  1. what a beautiful thing to do make the quilt for little evan.......that is lovely he will be home for Christmas. Hope Beth had a great party and good luck with the Christmas shopping!

  2. Evan's quilt is beautiful and his mum will treasure it. I still remember the kindness of the nurses when we had our premature twins.
    Looks like Beth and her friends had a great time, sneak the empties into the neighbours' recycling (only joking)

  3. Thank you for your comments Ali, and Helen. Evan did go home and I did manage to start a bit of a Christmas shopping yesterday. Xx