Monday, 18 November 2013

Small quilt for a small person.

Flipping Heck, I havent been on here for a month. I am not a very good blogger. But then I haven't had anything very interesting to blog about. All work and no play.

Last week I decided to make a small quilt for a very special small person I know.

I bought this fabric at the Festival of Quilts and it has been looking at me for months wondering what it will be turned into.
The fabric is Scamper by Birch fabrics.

Now over the past few months I have been finishing off Beth's quilt....

.... and I got pretty fed up making every block exactly the same. ( this quilt still needs quilted and bound but I don't even really like it anymore and keep putting off finishing it) Bad girl!

So for my small quilt, for the small person, I wanted to work more freely and decided to kind of grow it on the design wall.

Sorry my lighting isn't the best .
So this is where the quilt is at now. I have 3 more borders to add then get some wadding and choose a backing fabric and binding fabric.
When it's all finished it will measure about 36 inches by 43 inches.
Perfect for a cot I think.

On a completely different note, my daughter had her school formal a few weeks ago...

Beth and Ryan

And my son Rowan turned 16


Back onto quilting again, my mum finished a lovely quilt a few weeks ago...

....and Lucy passed away one night. 




  1. A lot has happened since your last all of your work
    saw your mum at the Belfast show!

    1. Thank you Ali, yes my mum told me she met Anne and you. Xx

  2. hi there, love both Beth's quilt and the cot quilt which looks very interesting.
    The formal photo is lovely and happy 16th birthday to your son.
    keep warm over the next few days, sewing will keep us all warm

    1. Thanks Helen, just up out of bed after night duty last night and the house is freezing. But I love the snow. Bring it on xx