Friday, 28 February 2014

Depressed Dog.

OK so I am going skiing tomorrow with my hub and leaving my two beautiful teenagers behind. 
NOT home alone as they wanted though.
There is a list sitting on the kitchen table with all the things I have to do today.. and it reads something like...
clean bathrooms,
clean out chickens
wash sheets
wash dog beds
and its lunchtime already and I have to take the dog to the vet

because he has a sore paw and has a bucket on his head. 
He's a sad boy.

So I really shouldn't be on here blabbing.
But I wanted to log the progress with the birds.
I am doing a little when I get the chance.

This is the sample piece in which I was experimenting with the branches.
I tried a few with twiggy branches which I really like.
I also like the amount of branches in this sample. The horizontal lines give it a kind of rhythm.

 So far only one branch is in along the width of the piece. 
This was done using freezer paper cut as a stencil and then ink pen criss crossed over the paper.
I think there will be a fair few branches and that they will be in contrasting tones, light to dark.

The lighting is horrific on these, the cotton is bright white and not blue white.
I will have to start using my camera again and not the iphone.

Last night at Merville, Martha gave me a summer dress which someone had given her for the fabric.
She thought I might like it....

Not so good with the boots. But a lovely dress which I am going to take up over the knee.
AND it's LIBERTY Tana Lawn...

I am chuffed with it. Roll on those lazy hazy crazy days of summer.

This is what Martha is making at the moment

This is quite a large quilt with lots of applique and stitching, with crystals applied on top. It is fantastic. And it is a gift for some lucky people. 

Aah heck can't be annoyed with the epic list in the kitchen.
But then no more house work or work for a whole week.


  1. poor pup. How lucky are you to be given a dress in a Liberty print....I have a similar blouse which I got in a charity shop.........I think the print is called poppy & honesty. Have fun on your trip

  2. When I shorten it I can use the excess for something. There should be a good amount left over. A little tote or zipper case thing me bob. X

  3. Absolutely love the wee birds, something very Japanese about them! Enjoy the skiing and come home inspired to create!!!