Monday, 17 February 2014


I have made only a tiny little bit of progress with my birds.
Sorry this image is so dark, but the weather is sooo dark and grey and wet and wet some more.
My garden is a quagmire.
QUAGMIRE, what a word.
The chickens are going to disappear into this quagmire if the rain doesn't go away.

This is about 50 something inches by about 40 inches.
I havent straightened the edges yet. my idea at the moment is to work on it the way I used to paint.... looking, adding lines, adding colour, looking adding etc and going with it rather than planning it all out. It's more intuitive that way.
I do have an image in my head of how it will finish up. and I have an idea of the texture of it and the stitches.

This is a sample I was fiddling with today, trying to see what branches look like.  And what way to draw them, or paint them, or sew them maybe?
I like the repetition of the birds printed on the white cotton.
And I have an idea of trees at dusk with darkish branches and the light behind.

A little bit of stitching added.
Slow Progress.
But progress.


  1. Angela, this is beautiful, the drawings are so fine. It will be gorgeous.

  2. I happened to find your blog and I find it inspiring. Lovely birds!.

    1. Thankyou so much Margreth all the way over in beautiful Sweden. Xxx