Sunday, 6 April 2014

a list

I have a list....
1. My dog Sam had to be put to sleep.

He was diagnosed with cancer and got very sick very quickly.
We all miss him so much around the house.

2. I got a promotion in work to Deputy Sister. yikes. The interview was last Monday and I found out on Friday that I had been successful. The two weeks before the interview I literally did nothing except study. So that was some good news. 

3. More good news. My brother in law, James, and his wife Licet, had a baby girl.

Elyssa Maria McCormick.

4. I have been gardening.
The garden is still a mess so here is a pic of my gorgeous hens who are responsible for the poor state of the garden to begin with.

I let them run around the garden and my hub tries to herd them back into their pen. I love to see them investigating all the corners of the garden. Freedom at last or something like that.  But they do scratch and dig and root up plants and scatter leaves. But when I am out in the garden they follow me about and I feed them slugs and worms. Is that weird? Or cruel? 

One of my ladies is under performing!

As a result of 1,2,3 and 4 my bird quilt has been neglected.

During the week though I started on a baby quilt for Elyssa.

I wanted quite a scrappy look plus I wanted to use fabrics that I already have. Each block is 8.5 inch square.

Beth is still sewing at the Thursday night Merville group..



  1. sad about sam.......congratulations on your promotion and becoming an auntie.
    your baby quilt looks just lovely.

    1. Thanks Ali. Have to get some sewing done today but the house is shouting clean me clean me. 😫

  2. sorry to read about Sam. many congratulations on the promotion and the baby niece.
    love the chickens, maybe one lady is over performing?

    1. Most days we get three perfect eggs and then about once a week it's a can't be bothered with this anymore egg.

  3. Life is all about change - sounds like you have a lot of that going on right now :0) Breathe deeply, make room for all the lovely new things, and keep sewing x

    1. Hi Fiona, sewing gets to be bottom of the list most days. I am sure it is the same for you..but it stays on the list . I will always be a maker no matter what else I am. Hope you and your gorgeous family are well. Xx