Friday, 18 April 2014

Allotment Neglect

Oh dear me.

I got the annual letter from the council to renew my allotment lease for the year.
Thinking about it all week I came to the conclusion that I really don't have the time for it anymore. 
So this evening I went down for my first visit since November I think.
And it is in a sorry state.
But it's my allotment and I put a lot of effort into it in the past. 
It pained me to see it in such a state.
I am going to keep it, and make more effort. 
Love it again.
No more allotment neglect.
Oh and I got some lovely rhubarb this evening. It has managed to thrive in amongst all the weeds and grass.

Meanwhile back at the ranch.........

..... baby quilt is coming together. These pictures show the colours quite bright and solid when in fact they are softer in reality. ?

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter, and the weather stays as lovely.
I will be digging!


  1. looking forward to seeing some photos of your allotment later in the summer. The baby quilt is coming on well. Have a nice Easter.

  2. Somehow missed your last 2 posts , don't know how. I garden vicariously through you in your allotment ! I will never have one but I enjoy reading about yours ! Good gardening