Thursday 20 December 2012

Nearly done on a dark day.

It's so dark this week.

I have finally pieced the pinwheels cot quilt. The week before Christmas is not a good time for this sort of thing. What should be a fairly relaxed process becomes a bit frantic and not particularly enjoyable. 
However the end is in sight.

I have quilted the blocks with a large 4 petal flower motif that i discovered on Pinterest. If you go to my Pinterest you will see it in the quilt board.

You can see the design in the image above. 
This is a great motif if you don't want to free machine as it can be done with a normal foot and the feed dogs up.

The binding is all sewn down ready to be hand stitched on the sofa tonight. I will post an image of the finished quilt tomorrow which i think might be the shortest day of the year, and also the darkest. 

The sun did shine on a couple of occasions last week and here is the proof.

This is Honey loitering/sun bathing in a small patch of winter sun in the garden.


  1. love the petal flower motif you used for quilting, ali

  2. Thanks Alison, it was really quite quick to do. Less quilting than I normally do but think it should be ok. Hope so. X