Monday 2 February 2015

technophobe quilter

Quilt Finished and hanging on the line.
Sorry for the rubbish pictures. I have actually worked myself into a bad mood doing this blog because I use my son's apple mac and it was upgraded and I am useless at tech stuff and got lost every which way I turned.
I think I will buy myself my own laptop.

I feel that the quilt doesn't work particularly well as a whole, but that the different bits of it are lovely.

I bound it with fabric that I had experimented on with prints and paints.
I am really happy with the binding. It adds a bit more interest.

I might try and photograph the quilt a bit better and blog it again.

Sorry for this awful image but this is the quilt way back in the beginning stages.
Quite interesting how it evolved.

I'm still in rotten form. Blogging should be easy.

Before I got into bad form I was excited about a new adventure I'm setting off on.
Without even leaving the house.

I have joined the Modern Quilters Ireland Sewing Bee.
AKA Modern Irish Bee
I only joined this month so my first block is the February block.

I will keep you updated.
On my new computer!!!!!!!


  1. I know what you mean about modern technolgy... I'm still getting to grips with a new tablet I got for Christmas. I think the quilt is just beautiful.

  2. I tried posting a blog page on a tablet once and nearly heaved it out the window - much easier on a computer. I have a Mac and they take a bit of getting used to, some keys are not quite in the same place I would expect them to be!

    1. Your blog is fantastic Ruth, both content and visually. You seem pretty competent on the computer. I am really enjoying your posts.

  3. I think buying a new laptop is a tad drastic. I thought I might hire an assistant instead.

  4. I sympathise Angela . My computer has gone into meltdown , it has lost its internet connection so back to the old laptop . I do still love these birds