Sunday 22 March 2015

Modern Irish Bee March Block

I finally got my Bee blocks completed today.
pattern at..

Or go to the Modern Irish Bee blog for a link to the You Tube tutorial.  An American man sewing as only an American man could sew.

This block takes about 10 minutes to do, so very fast, but you need to concentrate and be quite methodical.

Not much else in the way of sewing around here at the mo.
I'm next in the Bee so I have to get planning and ready to post my block.

 Look at my beautiful whippet.
He absolutely knows he's a gorgeous boy.



  1. The block looks very it foundation pieced?

    1. Paper piecing would work really well for this block and be very simple to do. But less economical on the fabric probably. X

  2. I thought paper piecing when I saw the template first - still makes more sense to me that way but I guess if you are making lots of them the template is probably the way to go. Love the doggy photo - yes he is gorgeous!