Thursday, 4 October 2012

Lucky Jean

Jean the hen on the right with the comb over got attacked by a cat today. Lucy the middle one, who's not showing her best angle,  made a complete scene clucking for all she was worth. I went to see what the matter was and poor Jean was being carried across the garden, her neck in the cats mouth!!! With the cat chased away I had a look at her and luckily there wasn't a mark. She just looked a bit traumatised.  Honey was obliviously laying an egg at the time. Good for old Lucy Lou. The photo was taken an hour later and everyone including me is fine now. Nerves restored to normal.

I thought I would post a few images of the work I have been doing on the design for the girl quilt.

freezer paper
ironed onto cotton
Markal Paintstiks and fabric paint

silk paint added

I really like the design but the colours are too loud. I think i will combine the blues and turquoises with antique golds and grey bieges. I will have to do another sample I think.


  1. beautiful, id forgotten about the freezer paper stencil trick....your blog is going to be inspirational for my course this year, keep posting, ali

  2. Thanks Ali. Do you not post your course work on your blog? I would love to see some of what you are up to.

  3. I think that's fabulous this is so great to watch its the best think on the web...honest!

  4. Thanks Pamela. Really enjoying it and love getting comments, especially like that.

  5. Lovely to see your designs in progress. Inspirational!