Saturday, 15 March 2014

life is good

My little ray of sunshine (sometimes) Beth joined all us serious stitchers on Thursday night at the Merville group. So 3 generations there, which was great. And she said she really enjoyed it because all the girls were lovely and there was a warm relaxed atmosphere. Her words.
She needs to learn a skill for part of her Gold Duke of Edinburgh and if I teach her sewing she will take me to the Palace. I think.

serious stitching.

I am in the sewing room today with some company for a change and she is just getting on with it with very little help from me......

....... she's got this far.

Me on the other hand.

I am still getting black dirty inky hands drawing on my quilt.

I have a good feeling about this piece. it is evolving quite nicely. Nicely is not a good word.
But I have a feeling about it which I like.

And I love the mark making, especially black onto very white cotton.
inktense and various widths of black pen.

I will probably be at this piece for the rest of the spring. But what's the hurry?
Life is good in between.

Although Jean my oldest hen died during the week.

But she had a happy retirement after a battery life, running about eating my garden and getting porridge for breakfast. 
So life is still good.


and the skiing was great fun, especially the coffee breaks.



  1. How nice to be teaching your daughter to sew and her work is lovely. I like your stencil technique of mark making....I must give that a go. Same about poor Jean!

    1. The stench thanks Ali, I really love this technique. It's so effective and the marks are branch or twig like in their detail. And it's so easy going

    2. I don't know what the stench thanks Al means? iPad mind of its own I think. Or could be the wine me thinks

  2. Firstly, Beth is a cloned version of you, and her sewing is great. I love how your birds are coming along. And, sorry to hear about Jean. If you ever have a retired hen who needs a jumper, let me know.

    1. I love how you nutty knitters think. Never imagined a jumper on a hen. But now my mind is going into overdrive. I can just see the knitting patterns. Alison is a good photographer, she could take the photos.

  3. Yes, Beth is beautiful, like her Mum. Love your blog. Keep on sewing and blogging.

  4. Thank you Mary, I haven't seen you in ages. Miss you. X