Friday 11 January 2013

flora fauna fabric

Lying in bed last night I had a mini panic attack.
It hit me suddenly that I need to produce a small quilt for the Hands Across The Border exhibition.The deadline is end of April sometime.
This is a joint exhibition with The Irish Patchwork Society.
The title of the exhibition is Flora Fauna Fabric.

So my thoughts in bed were that I should do a mini quilt....the dimensions for the exhibition are limited to 36 inches by 36 inches.
So this mini quilt would be a practice run so to speak for my girl quilt and would kind of lead on to the girl quilt.

This morning I noticed the Mahonia in the garden.

The colours are amazing.

I did a loose watercolour in my sketchbook.

Then copied and cut out the same image on freezer paper. Stencilled with Markal and fabric paint.

I removed the freezer paper and coloured the background with diluted fabric paints and silk paints. The whole thing was done on Evalon fabric.
This would benefit from some machine embroidery/ quilting.

However this is not the direction I am going to go in for the quilt. I am thinking more on the lines of piecing, applique and stitching (hand and machine) Flowers, Petals, leaves, tendrils, spirals, seed heads.
But I do love the Mahonia.


  1. beautiful colours....looking forward to seeing what you do with the background....your blog is a total inspiration, ali