Monday 14 January 2013

playing with doilies mostly.

I have been playing about all morning trying to leap off the diving board with the Flora Fibre Fabric (not Fauna as previously mentioned)project. 

The design wall with brown paper to the size of the finished piece. (36 by 26-28). Brown paper is better than white paper in that it's cheap, less precious looking and thus less intimidating. In my opinion anyway. Its also more tonally neutral.

So playing.......

..playing with doilies and discharge paste and markal on some old linens.( Upcycling is what this is. Not ruining)

The fabric above is pale yellow and the image directly above has had discharge paint applied through the doilie. It's still upstairs drying so I don't know what the result will be yet.

This shows discharge paste applied to the actual embroidery (bottom half). How could I do this!!!! But look at the effect. I think it's much more beautiful.

Just think how many hand embroidered bits and bobs have gone to landfill. I am giving them a new lease of life and bringing them out for some fresh air. (actually discharge paste smells bad)

Below is a piece of an ancient curtain that I bought in a charity shop. The left side has been discharged, but instead of getting lighter it has actually got darker

My design is going to be a LOOSE image of a vase of flowers, in paler tones than I normally go for. The background and table will be in shades of cream, yellow and grey, with some white. Then the vase and flowers will be in shades of pink, orange yellow, grey, teal, lime green. Only a few shouts of strong colour.
I am looking forward to trying something a bit different and also working on a small scale.


  1. oooh how interesting - did you get your discharge paste in art van go? ali

  2. yes Ali, it's from art van go. Ive had a great day messing. I put the old curtain in a bucket with loads of bleach and it hasn't had any effect. i thought bleach bleached everything.