Thursday 10 January 2013

...the beer in Andorra

Happy New Year ... I haven't blogged in ages. Christmas was great but it stops life as you know it and on top of wrapping pressies you get wrapped up in all things Christmassy and the sewing gets set aside.
Then before the New Year we went off to Andorra on a skiing holiday which was so brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
Am still buzzing.
And I didn't think about sewing once.

Yeahhhhh, this is me in Andorra. Not very flattering but who cares. We seemed to need a coffee break every hour or so, or a hot chocolate break.. hmmm lovely.

But we did do quite a lot of skiing as well.

I really am still buzzing about it. It was such a great family holiday.

I got some lovely quilty gifts this year. My mum bought me 4 half meters of SongBird designed by Carina Gardner which I am thinking will look good with some navy fabric, haven't a clue what design, although I think it would also make a lovely bag. Mum also bought me the pear pincushion. My sister Jennifer bought me the heart buttons.

I will have to get my head screwed on and my a** in gear and start some sewing. 

Before Christmas I bought 12 quarter meters of Amy Butler Soul Blossoms fabric to add to a jelly roll from the same Amy Butler range.
I want to make my daughter a large double quilt. 
She wants a modern look with some cream or off white mixed in. I also like the mushroom grey colour with it and may try and add a bit of that in somewhere. I have a feeling that in December I had some sort of idea in my head about a design. Unfortunately it's gone. Lost in the wrapping paper of Christmas and the beer in Andorra. 

My design wall with my girl quilt is looking pretty bad too. a muddle. Need to take everything down and start afresh. 
No time like the present. 

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  1. hi angela, sounds as if you had a great holiday....lots of ideas buzzing round your head at the moment! ali