Friday, 15 February 2013

design emergencies

Just before I fell asleep last night I had an idea for my flora piece. I really wasn't into that painted thing I did.

So down it came.

My new idea, which I'm really into at the moment because I can picture it exactly in my head, goes something like this...

20 little separately made images, which will be pieced together. I think I will have strips of sashing in vintagey feeling fabrics running horizontally across. Or maybe try and incorporate strips of printed paper from a book somewhere.

The first one is done. This is about 8 by 5 inches. 
When the whole is complete there will be machine quilting which will add to the piece.
And maybe a bit of paint.
Or doily print.
And hand stitching.
French Knots?

I am so happy I have eventually got somewhere.

The best ideas always come to me in bed.

I keep a notebook and pen in my bedside drawer for such emergencies.
In case I wake up in the morning and all is forgotten. 


  1. hi angela, your new idea is great as was your first idea. Really like your first block, Ali

  2. Your new idea is really pretty but what did you do with the flowery one you painted?

  3. Thankyou Ali. Pam the painted piece is put away in a box full of half dreamed up bits and bobs.