Saturday, 23 February 2013

It's snowing

 Merville House sewing group...
 It is lovely to belong to a sewing group, to share ideas and be wowed at what others are creating.       We eat lovely buns, have a laugh and sometimes Martha sings.
Everyone makes wonderful things..

Ella's applique she has created using an image from a greeting card. This is about A4 size.

Gail and
Doreen's little bag.

Doreen's applique picture.. about A4 size.

Rosie's table runner.

Brenda's (mum's) bits of pretty applique which form part of a cushion design.

Esme's postcard which she whipped up in no time.

Gail's gorgeous cushion.. actually a pin cushion... but too beautiful just to stick pins into.

And this is a very special bag which my mum has made. ( she's in the background).
It's special because she has given it to me.
And I love it.

It fits perfectly in my bicycle basket so when I go cycling to the shops (doesn't happen very often here but it does when we are camping in France) I will be tres chic n'est pas?

We had the most lovely tiny little cutie pie of a bird in the garden yesterday.
A little Goldcrest. Along with the firecrest, this is the UK's smallest bird.
This is the first time I have spotted it in the garden although I did see one in the park a few weeks ago.
The garden is full of birds at the moment. I think they might be eyeing up potential partners or having a good flirt before breeding season.

So a little birdie interlude followed by some more patchwork pics...

I am working on 3 things at once.

my Flora piece

a quilt for my friend Jayne who is getting married in April.

and a quilt for Beth.


it's snowing.


  1. Your Mum hasn't changed a bit!!! I am holding you responsible for me looking into re-starting quilting classes....!

  2. Oh I hope you do. Then let me see all your lovely creations Fiona.x

  3. lovely work by the ladies in the group - i like doreens picture, ali