Wednesday 7 November 2012

Goosey Lucy

My car has been in the garage getting a few things sorted for the last 3 days.  On Monday I had to walk to the shops! Imagine! Walk! I actually really enjoyed it and I met this lovely goose along the way. Sounds like a childrens rhyme about the sky falling down. I think he or she is a Canadian Goose. (sounded more American to me).

I have spent a bit of time, in fact a lot of time getting the background fabric for my girl quilt under way.

It's a very slow process. Took most of a day to cut out the design, then hours today colouring it, But very enjoyable whilst sitting listening to the radio.
And neglecting the house.
So my aim tomorrow is to paint the girl more, tackle her clothes and finish hair, maybe do a bit to her face. I will probably paint about an inch behind her too then cut her out.
I want the Markal paintstiks to dry for a few days then I need to do more work on this bit to age and fade it.
Thats the plan.

I think girl quilt 2 is called Lucy after my favourite hen and my goose encounter. 


  1. the background is amazing - you have great patience! ali

  2. Yes I agree it is amazing... But I don't understand why your cutting the girl out, do you sew her unto the background then? Sorry I'm not sure how you do these things!! The goose and the other photos are just great too!

  3. Hi Anne, I cut her out then place her on the background. I will do that whenever I have the background on both sides of her sorted out. It kind of evolves very slowly.