Wednesday 21 November 2012

Messy sewer

So I came up to the sewing room this morning to do a bit more on my quilt, and look what greeted me. Five minutes transformed it into a semi respectable space. I am a very messy sewer. I wonder can you be a tidy sewer?

I have begun work on the main body of the quilt. I need a background that will sweep around the circle onto which I am going to applique scrolls, petals, tendrils, ?leaves ?flowers ?butterflies.
So I was looking on line for some ideas and came across the North Wind pieced block. I think it should work really well as I want to move tonally from dark to light across and up the quilt. And also add more colours into it.. beiges and pinks.

It is such a lovely block. I think I will use it for my daughters bed quilt. The one I have been intending to start for about 2 months.

I paper pieced each section. The pattern was drafted onto graph paper.

Then traced onto greaseproof paper. I used tracing paper for the first few then ran out and greaseproof paper seemed to work just as good, if not better.

There is quite a lot of wastage with paper piecing but it is very accurate. I wouldn't use this method for a bed quilt but instead make 7 half square triangles and two squares in each corner.
If you google North Wind Block you will see what I mean, or go to

I went for a swim this morning and while I was swimming up and down thinking about stuff it came into my head that I don't really like the girl in the quilt. I don't like her stance, or her expression. I dislike her dickie bow.  So I will have to rethink that one. Start looking for inspiration.
Any excuse to while away the hours on Pinterest.

I have 13 boards, 213 pins and 67 likes to date, many of them quilt or craft related.
If you were a cook person you could have a board for recipies. Or a doggie person have a board just for dogs, or birds or cats or chickens,cars,embroidery. absolutely anything in the world. You can follow other people who you may or may not know, and it's not like facebook, you don't communicate with them, you can just get inspired or whatever by what they pin on their boards. 
I think it would work well if you had a board of ideas for your current quilt or textile piece, eg with colours, design ideas, imagery etc
ok, have gone on a bit too long


  1. hi angela, i do like a bit of paper piecing,....its the only way any of my patchwork turns out half accurate, i do like a bit of pininterest as well....problem is i want to repin everything, ali

  2. There's plenty of knitting and crochet things. I get a lot of that, but that's probably because I follow you. I think that's the way it works? I am very slow at the paper piecing and the floor ends up covered in bits of cut ends of fabric and bits of paper.