Tuesday 13 November 2012

Progress with Lucy

I think I have made some progress with Lucy. Over the past few days I have painted her clothes and aged the background.

I used transfer paints to give the muted tones over the cream fabric. Transfer paints work perfectly on synthetic fibres but not so good on natural fabrics like cotton. So before using the transfer paints I painted the cotton with a product called Transfix....

You can see in the image above that I painted transfer paints onto paper doilies, then ironed onto the cotton.  Great effect.

I still have an epic amount of work to do. The foreground will be in brighter tones, scrolls, flowers, tendrils, that kind of thing, maybe a butterfly or three. 
 And there will be a few circles of various sizes in some areas. Once the foreground colours and design is established then I will probably need to paint the figure some more to tie the whole thing together.


  1. your are very productive at patchwork and blogging! ali

  2. I am finding the blogging easy now because I am using Rowans laptop and it is so much easier and faster than our old computer. And am off for few weeks so making myself do more sewing and stuff. To relax. Forget work!