Sunday 11 November 2012

Owls Everywhere!

There are owls everywhere at the moment. On fabric, cups, notebooks, napkins. everywhere!
This is our newest and quietest member.
Made by Rosie.

Also made by Rosie....

Martha,s gorgeous quilt.
...and bag

Brenda's (mum's) lovely cushion top.

And I am working on a small postcard, using Evalon and transfer paints. a great combination.

just need to do some machine embroidery to finish it off.
Love Evalon.


  1. your postcard is just it for an exhibition, ali

  2. Thanks Ali. The postcard is being sent to a friend who emigrated to Australia. I need to have it finished this week so need to get the finger out

  3. looking forward to seeing it finished, will you please post a photo before posting, thanks, ali